SMARTRealty RLTY Token Purchase

Thank you for your interest in participating in the RLTY token public sale.


To take part in the RLTY token public sale, you will need an ERC20 capable wallet that you control (we suggest MyEtherWallet).

You can send any amount of the cryptocurrency of your choice that you’d like.
If you need to buy bitcoin or ether using USD, we recommend Crypto-Ex.

1 ETH = 1250 RLTY

You can use the widget below to buy RLTY tokens using many different cryptocurrencies or USD via BestRate:

If you want to buy RLTY tokens directly instead, you can use BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, ETC, ZEC, or ADA.

Click the currency of your choice below, then fill out the form:


Contributions sent will be converted to RLTY at a rate of 0.0008 ETH = 1 RLTY token (or the conversion equivalent for other cryptocurrencies).

ETH contributions will receive RLTY sent back to their ETH/ERC20 wallet automatically and immediately via Smart Contract.

To buy RLTY tokens, click the button above for the cryptocurrency of your choice, make your payment, then submit the form.